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Men! Plastic Is Lowering Your Testosterone Levels!

BPA plastic lowers testosterone levels in men

A chemical has been proven to increase testosterone levels in males, Australian researchers reported on Wednesday. They found that men who had lower levels of the compound BPA had higher testosterone levels compared to men with elevated levels of BPA in their bodies.

The compound is found all across the world in plastics. The new study released earlier this month that found high amounts of BPA exist in regular cash register receipts by as much as 3%.

In the study, researchers examined urine samples of 826 adults. The results of the research found that in general, the higher the BPA excretion in urine, the lower the testosterone concentration in men.

The results are significant because they give insight into the relationships between exposure to BPA and circulating hormone levels. They also illustrate the degree of exposure to BPA is comparable in this mixed rural and urban inhabitants to exposures seen in US and EU’s adult population.

BPA is found in beverage containers and food, even some baby bottles. It might leech into food from the plastic. The chemical is known as an “endocrine disruptor” since it changes human hormone levels, which can result in illness and disease. The effects of the compound might be harmful or during development. The Environmental Protection Agency has already added BPA to its”chemical concern” list as a result of potential negative environmental effects.