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Beginner’s Guide To Coloured Contact Lenses

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Whether you are looking for coloured contacts that complement an elaborate dress, or just want something that refreshes the way you look, these easy steps will hopefully help. We offer hundreds of colours and styles of round contacts, which are 100% guaranteed to be genuine, so they are a great option to own for a real makeover of your everyday look. Daily Disposable Color Contact Lenses let you try out different shades of eyes and see if they are something that appeals to you, without having to commit to them for the long haul.


This means coloured contacts only change the colour of your iris, but do not make your eyes appear bigger. You can wear coloured contacts to change how natural your eyes look, regardless if you need prescription glasses. If you are wearing glasses or contacts, you can now dress your appearance on a daily basis by wearing coloured contacts, or Halloween contacts, outside.


There are contact lenses called special effects contacts, and novelty contacts, which can make your eyes appear cat-like, or give you vampire-like looks. Colored or decorated contacts can be used to make eyes look lighter, boost their natural colour, or alter the colour completely. Coloured contacts alter your eye’s look, as well as work for vision correction.


Even if you do not need to have your vision corrected by contacts or prescription glasses, you will need a specific prescription from your eye doctor in order to use coloured contacts. It is important to only purchase them from FDA-approved sources and to properly take care of both the lenses and your eyes. If you purchase your lenses from a reputable, FDA-approved site like Crazy Lenses, then you do not have to worry about the quality, but still have to make sure that you are taking proper care when applying and removing contact lenses so that you avoid any infections on your eyes.


If you are a contact lens beginner, it will be difficult for you to choose the best lenses. Fortunately, we have got just the right tips any new contact lens wearer can easily follow for picking the best lenses.

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Your lens prescription is a crucial piece to make sure that your eyes are getting the correct lenses. While many people see their prescription as their lens strength, and this is mostly true of glasses, your contact lens prescription also indicates that your contacts are a good fit and do not risk putting your eyes in danger. Overall, 40% of Circle Lens users are Non-Prescription (Plano) customers because our lenses will not impede vision, and many wear these contacts underneath their glasses on a daily basis too.


To ensure that you are comfortable wearing contact lenses, you will want to keep an eye on your prescription, which has the right baseline curve (BC), diameter, and types of lenses that you are supposed to wear. A prescription for a contact lens does not only indicate the corrective power of a lens, but also specifies the proper contact lens size required for your eyes, brand, and lens material.


For that reason, a contact lens fit is recommended by an eyecare provider to help you find the right fit for your eyes and maintain your eye health – if you are using contacts to get corrected vision or for just aesthetics, fitting is essential. As long as you keep up with appropriate eye lens maintenance and follow instructions provided by an eye care professional, wearing coloured contacts is safe. Getting fitted for coloured contacts with an eye care professional typically includes an opportunity to try out a variety of lens colours to find one that looks best on you.


Remember, if you plan on wearing coloured contacts on a daily basis, regular eye examinations are still important to make sure the eyes stay healthy. Proper contact lens care can help to keep the eyes healthy and may extend the lifespan of the contacts.


Just like with any contact lenses, there are certain risks associated with coloured contacts, including the possibility of eye infections, allergic reactions, reduced vision, or scratches to your cornea. To avoid the side effects of wearing coloured contacts, it is necessary to buy appropriate lenses after having allergic reactions tested by optical centres.


Custom-coloured contacts can be designed to appear as though they are wearing a healthy pupil, and colours may help create a more natural appearance. Customized colour contacts typically feature sports tints, which may help deflect glare, enhance depth perception, and enhance contrast. Coloured contacts, also known as Decorative lenses, are typically worn to improve eye looks, or simply add a touch of fun to an individual’s look.


Circle lenses are also known for their designs and selection of colours, with most of the regular contact lenses limited to 2-3 colours in each design, whereas circle lenses can feature up to 8 colours per design. Circle lenses are cosmetic contacts, also commonly known as large-eye-circle contacts, that feature a large black ring around the exterior which enlarges your eyes iris, creating an attractive look you will fall in love with.


Choosing the best contact lens colours and shades depends on many things, like the colour of your eyes, your skin tone, and the effect that you want to create. A contact lens made for lighter eye colours (blues or greens) will not stand out nearly as much against darker eyes.


For instance, someone with darker skin may find that a lighter-coloured contact such as grey or hazel will cause their eyes to appear more dazzled. For an impactful look, opt for lenses that are uncharacteristic of your complexion, like tan contacts for pale skin and blonde hair, or blue contacts for olive skin. When wearing these contacts, keep makeup simple, and use cat eyes for the ultimate sultry look.